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Quick product editing [PrestaShop: 1.6 / 1.7 / 8.x] with file update option - stock and price status.

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Fast product Edit - PmGrid

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The PmGrid module - allows you to edit products from the list level. Clicking on a given field opens an Ajax window with the possibility of editing. 

The module allows you to edit: 

  • product name
  • base price change + attribute price as a percentage
  • change in final gross price of the attribute
  • navigate through the prices of attributes using the up and down arrows, tab, tab + shift.
  • short description
  • long description
  • product code
  • code ean13
  • upc code
  • default category
  • related categories
  • the net purchase price
  • gross price
  • tax rule
  • unit price
  • unit
  • date the product was added
  • supplier
  • producer's
  • characteristics
  • attributes
  • meta title
  • meta description
  • friendly link
  • tags
  • weight
  • width height depth
  • quantity (for a single product and for attributes)
  • product visibility

Mass actions:

  • delete all combinations of products
  • mass change of category
  • mass change of suppliers
  • accessibility settings
  • mass change of producers
  • adding a percentage promotion
  • removing promotions
  • removing features
  • mass change features

Products can be filtered using:

  • product id - for example, you want to work on products with an id 1,2,3,4,5,50,222
  • default category - multiple choice field
  • related categories - multiple selection field
  • manufacturers - multiple choice field
  • suppliers - multiple choice field
  • date added - from, to
  • quantities - from, to
  • prices - from, to
  • visibility - e.g. only active 

In addition, the module allows you to update prices / stocks / product visibility using a CSV or XLSX file.
If you frequently use a spreadsheet in your company, you can quickly update your offer. In the uploaded file you select the ID to be updated:

  • product id
  • product id and attribute id
  • product code
  • product ean
  • attribute code
  • ean attribute
  • attribute code followed by product code (if not found in the attributes)
  • attribute ean then product ean (if not found in attributes)

We recommend updating in batches, e.g. 100 pieces of changes cannot be undone.

Saving time is very important, using this module to work on many products, without the need to constantly reload the administration panel of the PrestaShop store

We want the module to make your work easier - if you are missing an option, ask for it, if the option will be developed, we will add it to the module for free.

In the configuration, you choose which fields will be displayed. If you don't need a field - don't display it.

Filtering products remembers the last search in the cookie - you can change pages while keeping your settings.

If something distracts you, the search result will be remembered - until reset or logging out from the administration panel.

Quickly edit PrestaShop productsQuickly edit PrestaShop productsQuickly edit PrestaShop productsQuickly edit PrestaShop productsQuickly edit PrestaShop products

Change log:

1.1.3: 10/03/2022
- mass change of availability settings
- visibility of availability settings on the product list
- possibility to set the availability date
- possibility to set the minimum quantity
- possibility to set availability texts

1.1.2: 05/06/2022
- when editing a mass category - we can choose the default category - solves the problem with the "first category"
- change the scheme of saving categories to a more friendly one
- possibility to search for categories in any part of the name

1.1.1: 02/04/2022
- visibility update from the list level
- possibility to change the position of individual columns

1.1.0: 12-01-2022 - Quick product edition [PrestaShop 1.6], [PrestaShop 1.7] with the option to update from the file - price states
- adding a mass change of weight
- adding a final gross price change for attributes
- added option to move in the table of attributes using the up / down arrows
1.0.9: 23-12-2021 - Quick edition of products [PrestaShop 1.6], [PrestaShop 1.7] with the option of updating from a file - price states
- price modification as a percentage

1.0.8: 06-12-2021 - Quick product edition [PrestaShop 1.6], [PrestaShop 1.7] with the option of updating from a file - price states

- adding mass percentage of promotion to products
- removing mass promotions
- display update for PrestaShop version> =
- TinyMce loading improvement
- correct display of the final price after product update

1.0.7: 08/13/2021 - Quick product edition [PrestaShop 1.6 ], [PrestaShop 1.7] with the option to update from a file - price states
- mass update of manufacturers
- mass update of suppliers

Compatibility with PrestaShop 1.6Yes
Compatible with PrestaShop version 1.7Yes
PrestaShop 8.xYes
Free updateSO
Module deliveryImmediately
File size411.95 kb
Version 1.2.3
Available languagesCS, PL, EN
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Brak szybkiej edycji ceny o kwotę

Moduł umożliwia masową zmianę ceny tylko procentowo (np -10%), nie ma opcji zmiany o kwotę (np -100zł, +50zł).

Nie idzie również podpiąć masowo wielu produktów do kilku kategorii, bez przypisania ich do jednej (tej samej) głównej. Np chcąc przypiąć 200 butów, 200 czapek i 300 koszulek do kategorii "Ubrania" wszystkim zostaje nadana główna kategoria "Ubrania".

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Edycja atrybutów

Dziękuję Panie Rafale za dodanie ceny ostatecznej w atrybutach - opcja super.

Masowe podnoszenie cen - ekstra :)



    Moduł zaoszczędza mi masę czasu przy podstawowych czynnościach związanych z katalogiem Polecam

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    Quick product editing [PrestaShop: 1.6 / 1.7 / 8.x] with file update option - stock and price status.

    Quick product editing [PrestaShop: 1.6 / 1.7 / 8.x] with file update option - stock and price status.