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[Moduł Generowanie Ofert Pro] - [PrestaShop 1.6] [PrestaShop 1.7] - moduł służy do Generowania Ofert Pdf. Ceny będą automatycznie przypisane do konta klienta. 

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Generating Offers Pro PrestaShop module -  allows you to create offers  in your PrestaShop store. You can send the offer to the customer by e-mail directly from PrestaShop, or download and send manually. After generating the offer for the customer  , special prices are created automatically.

The module allows you to download offers in two formats: PDF and HTML. You can turn on the My Offers tab for customers - to facilitate viewing of offers.
If your customers bombard you with e-mail inquiries about prices - you can enable the option  Allow creating inquiries from products in the basket  - the customer will be able to easily create an inquiry himself - and you only enter the prices. After saving  , the Inquiry  will obtain the status of  an Offer .

The module generates a readable pdf - with information when it was issued and until when the prices are up-to-date.

If you create hundreds of prices specific to your clients and get lost in them, use this solution.

Advantages of the module:

  • creating offers for customers
  • the possibility of downloading the offer in pdf form
  • the ability to download the offer in the form of html
  • updating customer-specific prices
  • offers have the status (offer inquiry, sale offer, offer sent)
  • preview of the offer in the back office (no need to print)
  • in the preview, we can check whether the offer has been sent to the customer
  • simple setup
  • the ability to add a logo to a pdf file
  • the ability to generate an offer from the basket
  • editing the text header of the offer
  • the ability to display an additional tab in My Account: My offers
  • download the offer in My Offers: PDF
  • download an offer in My Offers: HTML
  • creating a shopping cart from an offer
  • the ability to add inquiries from the basket
  • limiting the number of inquiries from one customer
  • the ability to add an offer to the customer's account using the link from the offer
  • default fields to help generate offers
  • sending an offer by e-mail

The module does not support multistore

1.0.5 - 2020-03-22

  • 3 offer templates to choose from
  • height adjustable Page 1/1
  • adding the total net amount
  • choice: total net / gross amount
  • adding a background to the document
  • new option in configuration: generating specific prices
  • the ability to add backgrounds to the offer
  • optionally displaying pagination
  • optional display of your company data
  • optional generation of specific prices
  • added font selection: Andale Mono, Arial, FreeMono, Georgia, OCR A Std, Times

1.0.4 - 2020-03-01-10

  • update for PrestaShop 1.7.7. +

1.0.3 - 2020-02-14

  • solving problems with filtering
  • code optimization

1.0.2 - 2020-12-10

  • Translations
  • Update of specific prices
  • Adding the offer status
  • Adding id_pracownik who prepared the offer # E7DB74
  • Adding buttons - transfer to preview
  • Adding buttons - transfer to edition
  • Adding the history of sent offers
  • Simplify configuration
  • Ability to add a logo
  • Possibility to generate an offer from the basket
  • Possibility to download the offer in the form of html
  • Adding a description to the offer header
  • Fixed an issue with sorting a table after editing items
  • Fixed an issue with item numbering after editing items
  • Removal of unnecessary fonts from the mpdf library (you can download the whole thing
  • Add button Save and download Pdf (visible only when editing)
  • Adding a button Save and download Html (visible only when editing)
  • Add button Save and stay
  • Adding offers to My Account
  • Create a shopping cart from an offer
  • Downloading the offer to front PDF
  • Downloading the offer by front - HTML
  • Limiting the number of inquiries from one customer
  • Possibility to add an offer to the customer's account using the link from the offer
  • Save and delete offer-specific prices
  • Defining the statuses of offers (inquiry, offer)
  • Default fields
  • Sending an offer by e-mail
  • Item history added. Offer sent
  • Offer item history added
  • Adding an item history Inquiry
  • Override price

1.0.1 - 2020-12-01

  • Added the ability to generate offers for the customer from outside the prestashop database
  • Adding product photos to the offer
  • Printing of offers takes into account the selected language (transfer of the printout to FrontController Auth - Token)

1.0.0 - 2020-11-28

  • Generating offers
  • Customer selection without page reload
  • Choosing the customer's address without reloading the page
  • Adding products without reloading the page
  • Editing items
  • Bulk adding products with attributes
  • Adding the client to the database
  • Adding the customer's address
  • Currency selection
  • Offer language selection
Compatibility with PrestaShop 1.6Yes
Compatible with PrestaShop version 1.7Yes
Wysyłka modułuNatychmiastowo
Rozmiar pliku9.07 mb
Wersja 1.0.5
Dostępne językiPL, EN
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Modzuł działa świetnie w końcu nie trzeba generować ofert dla każdego produktu z osobna.

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    Offer generator [PrestaShop 1.6] [PrestaShop 1.7]

    Offer generator [PrestaShop 1.6] [PrestaShop 1.7]