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XML integration PrestaShop -

Advanced module for product integration using XML / CSV with the ability to customize according to customer needs

Features that the module provides:

  • importing or mapping categories to the store
  • import and update of products
  • selecting categories from the XML file that will be imported
  • automatic import of producers, suppliers, attributes, attribute values, features, and values ​​of features
  • manual import of producers, suppliers, attributes, attribute values, features, and values ​​of features
  • mapping of producers, suppliers, attributes, attribute values, features, and values ​​of features
  • the ability to omit imports of features or values ​​during import
  • quick product update - only changes are updated
  • the ability to add additional descriptions to products
  • import of products from the indicated price
  • adding the overhead globally
  • adding a fixed amount to the product
  • information about the last update
  • supplier's catalog statistics
  • quick and easy configuration 
  • the module uses AJAX through which changes in categories, features, attributes, suppliers, manufacturers are performed without reloading the back of the store
  • extensive instruction
  • output for cron tasks (for automatic update)
  • automatic mapping of suppliers, attributes, attribute values, features, and values ​​of features

The importer is built separately for each warehouse - wanting to add several warehouses - manage the entire administration panel - by selecting the supplier's name.

This solution will help you manage multiple warehouses - in different configurations

We do not limit ourselves to an XML file, the integrator also supports other types of files.

What you get

  • in a simple and fast way you can increase and expand your offer with new products
  • greater chance to sell 
  • you do not have to worry if the product is available - the integrator will do it for you, and if necessary, it will turn off the product
  • wanting to keep order in your store you use the mapping option so that no additional features are created
  • the module is optimized to not take too much resources
  • you do not invest money in goods
  • products have their own descriptions, photos, functions - you will save time introducing them to the offer

What your clients gain:

  • a larger selection of products
  • access to the current database

Wholesale assortmentPaintings, furniture, decorative articles
Compatibility with PrestaShop 1.6Yes
Compatible with PrestaShop version 1.7So
Free updateSO
Wysyłka modułuNatychmiastowo
Rozmiar pliku224.25 kb



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          Import products XML -

          Import products XML -


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