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Google Analytics 4 Pro module for PrestaShop 1.7.x



Google Analytics 4 (formerly "Apps + Web") is a new type of property that reports differently to Universal Analytics services. One of the benefits of Google Analytics 4 is that it can be applied to a site or application, or both site and application simultaneously.The module implements all the events of the new Google Analytics 4 that are intended for e-commerce.

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Features and benefits of the module

  • possibility to provide 2 tracking codesas we would like, for example, to pass the second one on to a marketing agency
  • the module handles events (add_payment_info, add_shipping_info, add_to_cart, begin_checkout, login_ signup, purchase, search, view_cart, view_tiem, view_item_list, view_promotion)
  • the module sends view_item events for all page typesin Prestashop along with the name of the website
  • the module detects the discount coupon code and transmits it in events
  • the module sends the customer's origin as affiliation in the event parameters
  • the ability to attach the Google AdWords conversion tracking code
  • easy installation
  • multistore support
  • support for Prestashop 1.7.x
Compatible with PrestaShop version 1.7 So
Wysyłka modułu Natychmiastowo
Rozmiar pliku 64.34 kb
Wersja 1.1.4
Dostępne języki PL, EN
No demo at the moment. Contact us, we provide a test module on our server.

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