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Image Orientation Correction Module for PrestaShop



Image Orientation Correction Module for PrestaShop

Ensure proper orientation for your product images directly within your PrestaShop store.

With this module, you can easily adjust the position of images by rotating them 90 degrees or flipping them vertically and horizontally. The module provides quick and convenient correction without the need to download images to a local disk, manually edit them, and re-upload them to the server.

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Flip and Rotate Images Module for PrestaShop - Perfect Photos in Seconds

Have you noticed that some product images are incorrectly oriented when importing data into your PrestaShop store? Our "Flip and Rotate Images" module is the perfect solution for you. The user-friendly interface allows for quick correction of image orientation, which is crucial for professional product presentation.

Main Features:

  • Rotate images by 90 degrees - perfect for quickly correcting vertically or horizontally taken photos.
  • Horizontal flipping - flip images horizontally to reflect their correct composition.
  • Vertical flipping - easily correct upside-down images with a simple click.

Improving Product Presentation:

The visual aspect of products is crucial for customers. With our module, you can ensure that each image is properly displayed, thereby increasing trust and customer satisfaction.

SEO and Positioning:

While flipping or rotating an image itself does not directly affect SEO, professionally presented images can encourage users to spend more time on the site, which is positively evaluated by search engine algorithms. Correct image orientation is also important for indexing by Google Images, which can contribute to better positioning.

Invest in the professionalism of your PrestaShop store and provide customers with the best visual experience with the "Flip and Rotate Images" module.

Compatibility with PrestaShop 1.6Yes
Compatible with PrestaShop version 1.7Yes
PrestaShop 8.xYes
Wysyłka modułuNatychmiastowo
Rozmiar pliku45.64 kb
Wersja 1.0.0
Dostępne językiPL, EN
No demo at the moment. Contact us, we provide a test module on our server.

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Image Orientation Correction Module for PrestaShop

Image Orientation Correction Module for PrestaShop