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Module Inpost Courier Pro dla [PrestaShop 1.6], [PrestaShop 1.7]

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InPost Kurier Pro module ] - [PrestaShop 1.6] [PrestaShop 1.7] - [ ShipX ] - has been prepared for stores that offer their customers shipping via InPost Kurier. The integration is easy to install and intuitive to use. 

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We present an advanced module for integration with  InPost Kurier from PrestaShop.

The InPost Kurier Pro module 
has been prepared especially for PrestaShop stores that offer their customers the option of shipping via InPost Courier, you want to reduce the time required to generate parcels, you've come to the right place.

In the InPost Kurier Pro [PrestaShop] module  you can generate labels  directly from the order  or  from the list. 
Generating from the list 
 speeds up the process of generating InPost courier's waybills , then you can combine everything into one printout.

If you want to see more screenshots, see the Manual


Main Features:

  • generating shipments of various sizes
  • the ability to generate multiple packages for one order
  • generating parcels from the list
  • defining the default size for shipments with your own dimensions
  • the contents of the shipment
  • automatic reference field
  • easy editing of recipient data
  • automatic status retrieval for delivered parcels
  • automatic status update option for shipments that have been dispatched
  • cron jobs to update shipments

Change log:
Log: Version 1.0.8 05.01-2021 [InPost Kurier Pro PrestaShop]

  1. CSS update for Orders
  2. Updated for PrestaShop with previous compatibility from
Log: Version 1.0.7 17.10-2020 [InPost Kurier Pro PrestaShop]
  1. Fixes several label generation issues

Version 1.0.6 August 13, 2020 [InPost Kurier Pro PrestaShop]

  1. Service of mini-packages for Allegro
  2. Handling allegro shipments

Version 1.0.5 04/26/2020 [InPost Kurier Pro PrestaShop]

  1. Added inpost_courier_c2c support
  2. Possibility of sending a parcel (c2c - in a parcel locker)
  3. Changes to Shipment Insurance
  4. Update for comments
  5. Update for reference code

Version 1.0.4 03/05/2020 [InPost Kurier Pro PrestaShop]

  1. Adding multiple letters to one order
  2. Generation of the acceptance protocol
  3. Including package details in the history of consignment notes
  4. Adding a controller with transport orders
  5. Transport order printout
  6. Adding a printout of additional waybills from the order level
  7. Ajax adding of waybills
  8. Translation update
  9. Update of the comment on the waybill

Version 1.0.3 01/13/2020 [InPost Kurier Pro PrestaShop]

  1. Automatically create a carrier
  2. Added automatic organization data download
  3. Adding default content
  4. Adding badge information next to the carrier name in the order
  5. Adding the content field in the order edition
  6. Custom package size added
  7. Adding translations for phrases returned from the API
  8. Default weight for custom shipment
  9. Default size scheme for custom shipment
  10. Default shipment dimension
  11. Information about available services for a given key
  12. Possibility to generate multiple shipments
  13. Changing the display of customer data in the list
  14. Adding a tracking link on the list
  15. Adding a link to cron - refreshing shipments

Version 1.0.2 November 1, 2019 [InPost Kurier Pro PrestaShop]

  1. Update for database, additional fields
  2. Possibility of sending multiple parcels
  3. Collection orders
  4. Data recording for the entire form
  5. Additional translations for the module

Version 1.0.1 09/30/2019 [InPost Kurier Pro PrestaShop]

  1. Possibility to update the status of orders

Log: Version 1.0.0 2019-08-19  [InPost Kurier Pro PrestaShop]

  1. Adding a module
Compatibility with PrestaShop 1.6Yes
Compatible with PrestaShop version 1.7So
Free updateAktualizacja jest dostępna przez 365 dni od zakupu
Wysyłka modułuNatychmiastowo
Rozmiar pliku2.46 mb

Inpost Moduły

Mam moduły Kurier i Paczkomaty, wszystko działa bardzo dobrze, automatycznie drukuje etykiety, jest dobrze zintegrowany z Inpost. Dodatkowo świetny support, 2 moje problemy zostały rozwiązane w przeciągu godziny! Polecam



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      InPost Paczkomaty Kurier dla PrestaShop

      Moduł działa bez zarzutu. Obsługa i sprzedaż godna pochwały. Dziękujemy panie Rafale i pozdrawiamy serdecznie.

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      Chyba jeden z najlepszych oferowanych modułów na runku. Obsługa banalnie prosta. Moduł posiada wiele ciekawych opcji. A o wsparciu technicznym nie wspomnę! Po prostu rewelacyjne. Polecam moduł jak i sprzedającego.

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      InPost Paczkomaty Kurier dla PrestaShop

      Moduł w pierwszym wydaniu wymagał kilku poprawek - pan Rafał szybko przesłał zaktualizowaną wersję, teraz działa sprawnie, dziękuję i pozdrawiam.

      • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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