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Module Table with size - PrestaShop

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Module pmtablesizes -PrestaShop to display table sizes on the product

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With the Size Chart module for PrestaShop, you can display a size chart on any product. The module supports multiple languages and allows you to enter the table in HTML format, making editing easier. The size tables can be edited using the standard WYSIWYG editor.

Another useful feature is the ability to add the table to multiple products at once and filter them by manufacturer, supplier, or category.

The table can be displayed in several hooks, and a custom hook has also been added.


  • displaying the size chart on the product page
  • displaying the size chart on the quick view
  • easily adding new size charts
  • make your offer more readable with this tool
  • mass adding to multiple products
  • filtering products by category (when adding in bulk)
  • filtering products by supplier (when adding in bulk)
  • filtering products by manufacturer (when adding in bulk)
  • custom hook for displaying the table anywhere on the product page

Example screenshot from PrestaShop 1.7


2023-04-26: 1.0.6
- added support for PrestaShop 8.x

2022-09-17: 1.0.5
- display hooks in the configuration according to the PrestaShop version
- changed the library for displaying the box for PrestaShop 1.7
- added automatic responsiveness to images

2022-04-23: 1.0.4
- added mass update
- added custom hook
- added additional hooks

2018-11-10: 1.0.3
Update for PrestaShop - changed appearance, support for new Popup

Compatibility with PrestaShop 1.6Yes
Compatible with PrestaShop version 1.7Yes
PrestaShop 8.xYes
Free updateSO
Module deliveryImmediately
File size54.07 kb
Version 1.0.6
Available languagesPL, EN
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Prosty moduł, w którym mogę zdefiniować tabelę rozmiarów dla każdego produktu - klienci nareszcie nie pytają.

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