Wysuwany Widget Allegro - PrestaShop Expand

Retractable Widget Allegro-PrestaShop


A PrestaShop module-extendable Widget Allegro

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50,00 zł

The module displays the widget allegro, in your PrestaShop store.

Customers can check the amount of all: positive, neutral, and negative comments.

In addition, the module displays the average sale.

Using this module, you can show customers your account on allegro, and number of comments.

For buyers:
-the customer can verify that you are a reliable dealer
-confirming your identity increases the chances of a sale
-honor customers "will buy" Allegro-so give them a chance-once ended up in your store is definitely something they are interested

2017-06-01-display all comments
2017-10-20-changes on the REST API
2017-10-28-remember the session, adding the cron output to update comments

Compatibility with PrestaShop 1.5Yes
Compatibility with PrestaShop 1.6Yes
Compatible with PrestaShop version 1.7So
Rozmiar pliku87.89 kb

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Retractable Widget Allegro-PrestaShop

Retractable Widget Allegro-PrestaShop


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