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The module allows you to generate a list of products in XML format which we need to run campaigns using dynamic ads on Facebook.

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  • the ability to create your own configuration of files to generate by combining parameters such as: (language, country, shop, currency, delivery method, and the rest of the parameters responsible for products and information about them contained in the generated xml file).
  • the possibility of mapping the shop category to the Google product category for the XML parameter google_product_category mapping is done using the autocomplete function, i.e. type some expression next to the store category and we get a list of hints containing this expression in the category name and then select and press save in this way we can quickly map quite a large number of categories
  • products can be selected through categories, i.e. we select from which categories products are to be found in the generated XML file for dynamic Facebook ads
  • the possibility of using a dictionary for product descriptions and names, for example, then we can replace the word on the fly or remove it without correcting the products
  • products can be filtered by excluding data from manufacturers, suppliers or individual product IDs, or categories
  • there is a possibility of breaking the combination of products (attributes) into individual products, ie, for example (Name of the Blouse - Color: Red - Size: 44) etc.
  • the option of excluding products with a lower price than the one given innfiguracji
  • possibility to choose what should be the GTIN number in the generated file for a given product (EAN, UPC, Index (reference number)
  • the ability to include or exclude delivery costs for generated products in an XML file
  • possibility to choose what to be the MPN number in the generated file for a given product (supplier's reference number, index / reference number or product id) or we can exclude this attribute
  • delivery costs (cost, name of delivery method, country's ISO code) are generated for each product in the xml file (additionally delivery cost for all countries that are in the same geographical zone as "Zone" as supported by the selected delivery method)
  • the option of selecting a description for the product (short description / long description) as any of the descriptions does not exist and was chosen in the configuration this module will replace with another existing description
  • option to add a producer name
  • All product images are generated in the file
  • all the values of the availability attribute are supported (in stock, unavailable, made to order) the order works in such a way that when we set the date when the product will be available, the value of "on order" appears in the availability attribute
  • the sale price attribute (discounted) and the price before the discount are supported
  • the product status attribute is supported (new, used, refurbished)
  • the product type parameter is supported (the full path of the category of a given product)
  • all required parameters are supported
  • the option to exclude selected products on the product editing tab the Google Shopping tab when editing the product 
  • the option of changing the product name by providing another one by typing it in the tab when editing the product
  • the option of enabling the automatic assignment of new products to be included in the generated XML file for dynamic Facebook ads
  • the module has been written to save the server's resources (cpu, memory) saving of the generated file is done every 200 products, as well as their downloads and databases, every 200 products, so there is no need to allocate large amounts of memory in the case of a large number of products in the store
  • the ability to add tasks to Cron to generate all files from the saved and active configuration or only selected configuration ID of our file
  • the ability to enable or disable a given configuration so that they do not generate when the server starts the Cron task
  • the task list illustrates all the parameters set and additionally the date of adding the configuration and the date of the last generation of the file </ strong> XML for a given configuration and the ability to delete configurations or disable them
  • full multistore support at PrestaShop
  • it is possible to adapt the module to specific customer requirements
  • support for PrestaShop 1.5.x and 1.6.x and 1.7.x
Compatibility with PrestaShop 1.6Yes
Compatible with PrestaShop version 1.7Yes
PrestaShop 8.xYes
Free updateSO
Wysyłka modułuNatychmiastowo
Rozmiar pliku104.85 kb
Wersja 1.1.5
Dostępne językiPL, EN
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