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Discount voucher for account registration - PrestaShop 1.6, PrestaShop 1.7

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The Discount coupon for account registration module automatically sends your customer a discount coupon after customer registration according to the configuration. Additionally, you can configure whether the coupon is to be awarded only for creating an account or for creating an account and subscribing to the newsletter.

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72,80 zł

  • Possibility to choose the mode of operation of the module (discount coupon for registering a new account or for registering a new account and subscribing to the newsletter)
  • Ability to define the name and description of the coupon
  • Possibility to add a prefix to the coupon code
  • The ability to disable the automatically generated coupon so that you have to accept it manually
  • Ability to display the coupon in the cart
  • Ability to set coupon priority for price rules (Cart price rules are used according to their priority. Eg a rule with priority "1" will be processed before the rule with priority "2".)
  • Ability to choose the type of reduction (percentage, amount, or no reduction, if no reduction is selected, you can offer free shipping for the order)
  • Option to enable optional free delivery for the coupon with or without the discount type.
  • Possibility to choose the currency and determine whether the discount amount is net or gross
  • Possibility to set a minimum order amount restriction at which the coupon can be used
  • Possibility to set the currency of the minimum amount
  • It is possible to determine whether the minimum amount is net or gross
  • The possibility of determining whether the minimum amount should also include the cost of delivery or not
  • Possibility to determine how many times a customer's coupon can be used
  • Possibility to set the coupon validity in days (time from registration to the coupon expiry date)
  • Responsive e-mails to the customer with the coupon code and the coupon parameters set in the module's configuration
Compatibility with PrestaShop 1.6Yes
Compatible with PrestaShop version 1.7Yes
Wysyłka modułuNatychmiastowo
Rozmiar pliku451.53 kb
Wersja 1.1.1
Dostępne językiEN, PL
No demo at the moment. Contact us, we provide a test module on our server.


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